Content Development – Written, images, video

Your website has been wire framed and the core information about your business has been put together. The developer will now have the information that needs to be found to integrate your business with online activity. A team of content developers will meet and discuss how they can build content that will make you most visible. The content development team will work very close to the people responsible for your SEO strategy. Content is created in different formats and is not only copywritten.

Content development – Written content for the web

Writing for the web requires multiple unique skills. It is very different to writing for offline publications. The copywriter that produces the written content for your site is highly skilled. Therefore theyy will know how to write to draw the most readers to the page. Copywriters also have substantial SEO knowledge. This is essential so that they can follow the instructions that a strategist has passed on to them. Because every client is different, strategy implementation differs. Your copywriter will not only write web copy that appears on your website. They will optimise your site, by writing content that is strategically placed all over the web.

Video production – The second biggest search

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Once you know this, it will be easier to understand why quality video content is core to your online visibility. Typically your video will be short productions that serve either as explainer videos or product promotion. It is possible to create larger docu type videos that will enhance brand awareness. However the budget will have to be considerably more than you would expect to pay for a short production.

Image and Graphic design

Images can provide standalone SEO value. They also enhance written and Video content. The onine experience has become a visual one. For this reason every website, Social media platform and piece of content should contain an image.A good graphic designer can develop goos brand awareness with a small series of images. Images also do not have to be only photos. There are a number of image options that will enhance your website. Photos, sketches and infographics are but a few. Integrating images and text also form an essential part of content development. Image slides are integrated to create video. Without images online search would not be what it is today.

Interactive Content

At Brayve, we go the extra mile to produce a variety of content that works together to create exceptional visibility for the client. Interactive content means content that needs the page visitor to do something. It requires a click to something to be typed in. A quiz is an interactive piece of content. Additionally polls, questionnaires and games are too. The interactive content may differ between the desktop version and the mobile version of a site. Good content developers understand where alternative content should be developed.

Setting ourselves Apart

We create content appropriate for industry, Consequently the content is varied. it is however important to have a consistent flow of similar content. It is therefore a good idea to build up a wealth of content in each genre that you choose to produce.

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