Digital Strategy – Blueprints for success

Digital Strategy

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Brayve offers the finest digital strategy advice available in Glasgow and Cardiff. Whether your website is new build, a rebuild or legacy – holistic methods are used to develop your web presence. This includes social media, content development and marketing campaigns. Our strategy methods produce the desired outcome, time and time again.

We implement a thorough approach through all aspects of  digital presence. Content creation and management is combined with good web design and SEO principles. Since our social media strategy is built on foundations that support an overall internet presence it enhances both paid and organic search.

Our Digital Strategy documents are the easiest to reference yet amongst the most detailed that can have seen in the digital industry. They are often and used as a blueprint by our clients to deliver the world class digital outcome that their customers desire.

Each member of our team has specialist experience, in web development, social media, online marketing, SEO and design. We also have experience in creating eCommerce solutions in tandem with sales strategies creating funnels for both organic and paid solutions.

All services under one roof

We cover all the details from domain registration to the best server configuration for budget therefore ensuring the best reputation management practice is implemented. This happens whether we are rebuilding or developing a new online reputation for any client. We boast access to a range of specialists in various arenas, therefore we bring the best appropriate professional web developers, social media managers and content creators together for each project. This means that regardless of your industry, we will have the right people working for you at our fingertips.

Digital agencies and private clients alike are serviced by us. Mostly in the small to medium enterprise sector. We  also provide consultancy and offer  services to corporate clients. Our clients come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. They range from bootstrapped startups to large companies requesting a complete rebrand. The inclusive range of digital services makes the right choice for most business clients.

Cohesive working relationships are formed as we also provide training to in house staff and all our clients. We specialise in training in WordPress, search engine optimisation, social media management and planning and also content development.

Marketing Strategy

There’s a marketing guru to be found for every online platform. A lot amount of money is spent on marketing training that often will leave a manager confused. A unique digital marketing model is built for every client. We apply a lot of split testing and duplicate strategies that we know enhance conversion rates and provide the outcome most desired. Information overload leads to marketing managers unsure about where to start and we therefore offer a blueprint model that provides a step by step process that is unique to each client.

Online Reputation

One of our most skilled services is that of managing online reputation. High Profile individuals or those in public office sometimes discover that biased online reports have tarnished their reputation. Assistance is provided when making applications under the right to be forgotten legislation. Additionally our clients can explore other reputation management options. While undesirable material online cant be made to disappear overnight, there is a lot that can be done to make it irrelevant and therefore insignificant to search engines.

Publishing Strategy

Finally we provide excellent publishing services, whether you wish to publish to kindle using Amazon or any other online publishing solutions. We provide published content solutions and outstanding graphic design services.

Every digital strategy is different. Your online business will be unique in its business purpose. This is true even when facing a competitive market. Its important to have a blueprint before you start developing your online presence. Its much easier to track and trace development from scratch than to wade through a legacy of trial and error.Therefore it is for this reason that we seek to make digital planning accessible to all our clients regardless of budget.

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