Reputation Management – What are they saying

Reputation damage is one of the greatest bugbears experienced by both individuals and businesses online. It can be difficult to remove content that isnt true or defamatory. Even a clean reputation can be hard to manage when competitors display an exceptional reputation online. When reputation influences search ranking the the need for reputation management will clearly be on the horizon.

The Challenge

Over Two thirds of European Social Media users experience at least one hack attempt to their profiles in any year. This has contributed to the growing concern over fake and fraudulent profile construction across all major platforms. Additionally yesterdays news is no longer tomorrows fish and chips wrapper. It remains in the digital sphere indefinitely and can ruin the livelihood, relationships and future of many people and businesses, years after the fact.

The Solution

The strategists at Brayve use a variety of methods to manage an online reputation problem. It may be a lack of visibility with a favourable online reputation.  Alternatively a reputation could have taken a knock by the construction of fake profiles o rtheft of profiles. Additionally bad product or personal reviews add to the problem. Even negative press and offline media that has crept into the search engines can destroy online reputation. Our strategies are comprehensive and we offer long term solutions.

Reputation Management

Once a reputation problem has been identified, handing it over to a case manger is the first step to overcoming the issue. Your case manager will work closely with you to develop a solution. Every case is different. For some  individuals an application under legislation that provides for the right to be forgotten will be made. This is best done with the help of an experienced professional. Prescribed procedures will be used to remove fake profiles from platforms although they can prove to be onerous. Our staff will implement the necessary procedures involved with the relevant authority.  They will approach the problem in line with the criteria requirements of the different online platforms.

Competition and dirty tactics

There are some competitors that will take an underhand approach to beating their rivals. The worst case we have seen involved a competitor creating tens of thousands of spammy links to our clients website. The client was penalised by Google and completely de-indexed. Another underhand method is to create false negative reviews, thereby reducing page rank.  The high value of reviews leads to all sorts of unethical online behaviour and when it is proven the culprits are severely punished. it does however take a knowledgeable professional to establish the problem and unearth the evidence.

Building a positive reputation

There is a lot that can be done to both restore and build a favourable reputation. One of the core strategies is to build content  that promotes the online brand or image in a positive light. A complete analysis will determine the keywords that highlight negative reputation. Using these keywords we build a content base that is search optimised thereby drowning the negative content. By building content that has authority, it supersedes the original content as it gets older.

More importantly it is important to encourage our clients to build a solid content base that makes it much harder to damage ones reputation

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