Social Media Management

Social Media has become the core channel for content distribution. It’s really not difficult to see why. How your social media channels are managed will directly influence how your website performs. Social Media activity is directly connected to your SEO and content performance. Social Media makes an  excellent distribution for many reasons. Perhaps the most popular reason is that followers can control how much of your content that they engage with, without disengaging entirely. Social Media Management is a lot more than scheduling regular posts for your audience to see.

Understanding the Audience.

When we provide consultancy on social media, we focus first on the clients industry. Different Social platforms attract a different audience. Knowing your audience is key to enhanced content distribution. Your Social Media professionals will know how to make your profile and content visible. Social content goes further than achieving a lot of likes. Successful content will provide the channel toward the outcome that you desire. This usually means clicking through to a piece of content that forms part of a funnel.

Understanding the Content

Social Media is content rich. That’s why is social. What you post on Social Media helps your target audience understand what you’re about. Your Twitter audience are going to want and look for different thanks to your FaceBook audience. Understanding this is pivotal to success using social media. You may have the same content, however you may need to present it differently. Pinterest has a mostly female audience. Knowing this will influence how you present content to encourage click throughs’, This in turn influences how you will reach the end goal.

LinkedIn has the social impact of the group with the largest disposable income. You may want to attract customers from this group by adding value rather than cutting the price of your product range.

Goals and Objectives

Simply posting to Social Media for the sake of it creates a hit and miss environment. Good Social Media Management will include your marketing strategy and work hand in hand with your content development. We develop a Social Media approach that integrates with both the immediate and long term objectives of our clients. Social Media can work to create brand awareness as well as drive sales. It can also work both organically and with paid inclusion. Sometimes this works well together. Initially paying to create a visible presence can help to create organic momentum.


What is Social Media Management


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