Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a generic term for activity that promotes an online asset. It takes many different forms although it is commonly associated with pay per click advertising. Marketing covers many areas and it becomes easier to define once the conversion goal is recognised. For Our team in Wales, digital marketing is a core consideration in tandem with the SEO strategy.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing is a specialised form of digital marketing that uses social platforms to target a very specific niche market. We offer this type of marketing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Twitter. Additionally, It is possible to run an effective marketing campaign using Pinterest. Catching the attention of users on social is easier because once they are browsing social channels there is more time to engage with advertisers. Video and Image advertising are particularly effective on these platforms. We offer both marketing and advert development services.

Pay Per click Marketing

This area of online marketing covers a wide area. This can involve paid advertising using banner advertisements. It can also include text advertisements, visual advertising and even video advertising. Often but not always an advertising provider such as Google Adwords is utilised. There are however several Advertising providers that have a network of advertising distribution. Before we even embark on this kind of advertising, our clients will have had a comprehensive competitor analysis.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new approach to digital marketing. By creating engaging content promoters are able to grab the attention of their audience. Video and Image marketing drives substantially more traffic than any other marketing method online. There are however a number of other content approaches that work well. Written content that is properly aggregated and distributed can drive immense amounts of traffic provided it is funnelled correctly. Additionally e-books and other publications not only leave a lasting resource in the cybersphere, but also create valuable backlinks. Interactive content such as quizzes also drive an outcome based campaign well.

Wales Digital Marketing

For our team in Wales, Digital Marketing is part and parcel of a central objective when setting out a strategy. marketing may include goals that involve brand awareness, sales conversions or referrals to other sites. We understand how important it is that our clients enjoy a return on investment and thus a strategy document forms a key element to most projects.

Cape Town Digital Marketing

Our Cape Town team has duplicated everything that the Welsh team have perfected, with great success. What makes this team special is that we focus on specific client groups. For South African industry sectors we focus and language targeting. By using Geo targeting we even develop digital promotion in all 11 official languages of South Africa. As far as we are aware, no other digital agency in South Africa does this.

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