Graphic Design and Images

A website without images is a bit like a store without stock. The site will not be able to compete with rival sites and traffic will be minimal. Good quality relevant images increase clicks. it really is that simple. visitors to your website will proccess visual information faster than written information. graphic design does not require

Why Graphic design matters

In a competitive online world everyone displays images on their site. You will ask what will make your images better than those of your competitors. Ideally you should not have identical images. Stock images form a core part of web design especially for new sites and start ups. These are a really good foundation for developing new sites. When you assess your competition however, you do not want to look similar to your online rivals. This is a marketing concept rather than one than involves SEO. Professional crystal clear images that are relevant to the topic increase your click through rates.

Optimised images

We have a significant resource of royalty free images, which we use when building a new site. Although we use royalty free images, we also offer a photography service. Whe contracting us to provide photographs of your site and to take phots of your team, you will hold copyright to those images. Images are appropriately tagged and are placed in conjuntion with strategic keyword placement.

Choice of image is part of the content development. Strategic development will mean images, video and interactive content all match. In order to create a continuity of brand, we instruct our own graphic specialists when changing or developing images is necessary.

Infographics and Slides

Not all images involve photography. Our graphic design team also produce infographics, slides that work for instructable material and icons for web pages. In same way that all our content is checked through anti plagiarism software such as copyscape, all images are checked through tin-eye.


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